To eliminate something is to take it away or stop it or get rid of it.

  • During a tournament, teams are elminated through competition until two teams remain to play for the championship.
  • We eliminated several different possibilities when looking for a reason for the problem with our computer.
  • In order to eliminate her debt, Victoria found a second job and paid off her credit cards.
  • It’s not easy to eliminate belly fat.
  • I wish I could eliminate all the rabbits who are eating the bark off of my bushes and trees.

weed killer

Some people try to eliminate weeds with chemicals, but that’s not good for the environment.

The word "elimination" is a noun:

  • Through a process of elimination, we determined the reason for the problem.
  • The elimination of an enemy is an objective of warfare.
  • Janet took her cat to the vet because the cat was having trouble with elimination. (elimination = the ability to go to the bathroom)

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March 5, 2018