An area is a location, a place, a neighborhood, or part of an interior or exterior space.

  • There are many good places to shop in this area.
  • Do you live in this area?
  • This is a good area.
  • A very famous musician will be in our area next week for a performance.
  • The police are searching an area close to downtown for a suspect in a crime.
  • The police are combing the area. (combing = searching closely)
  • How much area do you need to start a garden?
  • There’s an area in our neighborhood where kids like to get together to play frisbee.
  • We need to find a good area to go fishing.
  • I know of several good areas for camping.
  • The office area where I work is a little noisy.
  • The waitress said that she couldn’t serve us because our table wasn’t in her area.

couple walking

They live in this area.

They know the area very well.

Area is an amount of space that can be measured:

  • What is the area of this room?
  • We’re buying carpeting for our living room, so we need to determine the area of the room.
  • To determine the area of a triangle, you multiply the base by the height and then divide that number by two.

area inside a camper

There’s a small area inside this camper for sleeping.

Sometimes the word "area" is used when talking about personal knowledge or a field of interest:

  • Tom is very knowledgeable in the area of science.
  • Theresa enjoys working outside of her area.
  • The teacher covered a lot of area in class today.
  • I need to become more familiar with this area.

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May 1, 2018