Glass is a hard, clear material made by heating sand to a very high temperature. Glass is found in many common objects. Without glass, our lives would be very uncomfortable.

  • Windshields on cars are made of glass.
  • Windows on houses are made of glass.
  • Glass is an important construction material in buildings, particularly skyscrapers.
  • Household items made of glass are used by people every day.

When talking about the thing used for drinking liquid, such as water, juice, wine, and beer, use the word "glass."

  • There’s a glass on the table. (singular)
  • There are glasses on the table. (plural)
  • He’s drinking from a glass.
  • Children learn to drink from a glass when they are very young.
  • When dining at a formal occasion, the table is often set with water glasses and wine glasses.

glass He’s drinking from a glass.

Use the word "glasses" when referring to eyewear for improving one’s vision:

  • I wear glasses.
  • Do you wear glasses?
  • His glasses are on his head.
  • The doctor said that Omar needs glasses.
  • Sandra wears sunglasses everywhere she goes.

There are a few fairly common expressions that include the word "glass."

  • It has been difficult for women to break through the glass ceiling at work. (glass ceiling = a barrier for advancement in a woman’s career)
  • Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. (You shouldn’t criticize other people harshly because you yourself may be subject to, or harmed by, the same type of criticism.)
  • Do you look at a glass half empty or half full? (This is a question asked about a person’s outlook on life. half empty = pessimistic; half full = optimistic)

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May 14, 2018