The word "size" is used when talking about how small or large something is. This word is especially common for clothing.

  • What size shirt do you wear?
  • What size pants did you buy?
  • Do you know your size?
  • This isn’t the right size. (bad)
  • This is just the right size. (good)
  • A tailor can take your measurements in order to make sure your clothes are the right size.

The word "size" is also used when talking about objects and people:

  • The size of the couch is too large for the living room.
  • The size of that building doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the neighborhood.
  • The size of my paycheck grew a little last year.
  • More help will be needed in order to address the size of this problem.
  • Laura and Dan need to buy a king size bed.
  • Queen size beds are typically found in hotel rooms.
  • A pint of beer will fit into a 16-ounce size glass.

big tires The size of the tires doesn’t seem to match the size of the car.

The verb phrase, "size up," is used when determining the quality of a situation or a person:

  • In order to size up the degree of their financial problems, they hired a consultant.
  • A fighter tries to size up his opponent by throwing a few punches to see how he will respond.
  • Our company sized up the competition before entering the market.

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May 30, 2018