Use the word "poll" when talking about surveys and elections:

  • Americans head to the polls today to vote.
  • Most polling places open at 7 a.m.
  • After the polls close in each state, the results will be announced.
  • Polling data shows the Democratic Party is pulling ahead of the Republican Party.
  • Many polls show that the American electorate is unhappy with the status quo. (status quo = the way things are)
  • People are polled to find out what they are thinking. (The word "poll" is a verb in this sentence.)
  • A poll is taken to find out what people think about a particular issue.
  • Pollsters are the people who do the work of polling.
  • A person who works as a pollster talks to a lot of people about their opinions.

polling station

This is where people can go to vote.

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November 6, 2018