A resume is a document that lists a person’s background and work experience. When that person applies for a job, a potential employer who receives the resume can decide if the applicant will be a good match for open positions within the employer’s company. The word "resume" is French in origin, so be sure to pronounce it correctly: resume. The word "resume" is a completely different word. In many countries around the world, a resume is referred to as a curriculum vitae, or C.V.

Here are some examples of how the word "resume" can be used:

  • Boris is working on his resume.
  • Sara needs to get her resume together.
  • Do you have a resume?
  • Do you know how to put a resume together?
  • I sent out several resumes to see what the response would be like.
  • I attached my resume to cover letters that were sent out to each company. (A cover letter is a formal, customized introduction of an applicant’s interest in a job.)


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November 25, 2018