A catastrophe is a very, very bad situation, usually one that involves destruction on a large scale.

  • A hurricanes can create a catastrophe with high winds and large amounts of rain.
  • It’s difficult to deal with or manage a catastrophe.
  • There are many government agencies that deal with catastrophes.
  • Organizations such as the Red Cross or the Red Crescent go to areas where catastrophes have occurred.
  • People need to pull together and help each other out during a catastrophe.
  • Ninety-eight percent of scientists believe that at the root of many recent catastrophes involving weather is global warming.


Reporters go to places that are affected by catastrophes.

The word "catastrophic" is an adjective:

  • Catastrophic conditions are created for people who live in areas affected by hurricanes.
  • The effects of flooding can be catastrophic.
  • Catastrophic accidents involving passenger planes have declined in the last few decades.

Sometimes the word "catastrophe" is used to exaggerate a relatively small problem.

  • A lack of planning lead to a catastrophe for the people who hosted a large party.
  • The team’s unexpected loss in the final game was catastrophic for fans of the team.
  • This cake is a catastrophe! It’s under baked and lopsided.
  • Omar’s report card for the semester was a catastrophe.

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October 11, 2018