A person who does not have basic knowledge or is not aware of important facts might be labeled as ignorant.

  • The driver claimed he was ignorant of the law when he was given a ticket by a police officer.
  • Poor and ignorant farmers can benefit from organizations dedicated to helping them succeed.
  • Some parents of teenagers prefer to be blissfully ignorant of what their children are doing when they go out at night.

Be careful how you use this word. More often than not, people will be hurt and offended when they are said to be ignorant.

  • Don’t be so ignorant.
  • Those people are ignorant.
  • Henry doesn’t enjoy working around people who are ignorant.
  • When one man accused another of being ignorant, they suddenly got into a fight.

The word "ignorance" is a noun:

  • Your ignorance is showing.
  • The man loudly proclaimed how proud he was of his ignorance.
  • A police officer will tell you that ignorance of the law is not a proper defense.
  • Some people will say that "ignorance is bliss," but it’s almost always a good idea to be aware of facts and information that affect you directly.
  • The young boy was ashamed of his father’s ignorance.

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Published on October 9, 2018