When a person tries to fool another person, the word "prank" is used. A prank is usually humorous, but sometimes a prank is mean or dangerous. Words synonymous with "prank" include "trick" and "stunt." You can also call a prank a practical joke.

  • The students pulled a prank on the teacher.
  • The students stacked all of the tables and chairs in the middle of the room. It was a harmless prank.
  • On Halloween, kids who go trick-or-treating might pull a prank on people in their neighborhood.
  • Smashing a pumpkin in the street is a common prank.
  • Prank phone calls are phony phone calls made to people who answer and believe that the call is real.
  • Bart Simpson pranked Moe’s Bar when he called and asked for Amanda Hugginkiss. (In this sentence, the word "prank" is used as a verb.)

There are many different kinds of pranks:

  • A prank phone call is probably the easiest and most common prank.
prank phone call
  • Another common prank is to loosen the top of a salt shaker so that it spills out too much salt.
prank salt shaker
  • People who are sound asleep are pranked with face painting.
prank while sleeping
  • A squirting flower is a classic prank.
squirting flower
  • Any prank that involves electricity can be potentially dangerous.

(That’s not funny!)

practical joke that is dangerous

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October 31, 2018