A swamp is a place where land and water mix together. The land in a swamp is too wet for human beings to build anything on it, but certain plants, trees, and animals do very well in a swamp.


The word "swamp" is also used for other areas that are covered with water but might not be a swamp. There are marshes, bogs, and wetlands. These areas are a little different from a swamp, but the word is still used when describing them.

  • Frogs and birds are very vocal creatures in a swamp.
  • It’s not safe to go too far into a swamp.
  • Swamps are home to alligators and snakes.
  • My backyard looks like a swamp in the spring.
  • There’s a lot of swampland in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi.

Recently, the word "swamp" has been used by President Trump when talking about the culture in Washington, D.C. His call to "drain the swamp" is often made when he makes appearances before his supporters. To "drain the swamp" is to eliminate corruption or prevent illegal activity among government employees. The use of this phrase by the current occupant of the White House is quite ironic, as almost a dozen Trump government officials and campaign workers have been charged with or found guilty of various illegal activities.


An alligator lives in a swamp.

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Published on September 22, 2018