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The word "main" is similar to the word "central." When something is "main," it's very important or it's first.

main street

Main Street

  • Many American cities have a Main Street.
  • Main Street is the place where people go to eat, shop, get a haircut, or meet other people.
  • Your English teacher might ask you about the main idea in an essay or in a paragraph.
  • What's the main idea?
  • The main idea is supported by evidence and examples.
  • The main point in an argument is the most important principal or idea that a person is trying to communicate.
  • The main entrance to a building is the place where most people enter.
  • The main course of a meal is eaten after an appetizer, a salad, or soup.
  • The main event at a performance is the one everyone comes to see.
  • Many different main arteries ensure the flow of blood throughout your body.

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May 18, 2018







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