A million looks like this: 1,000,000 (a one followed by six zeros). A million sounds like a large number, whether you are talking about money, people, things, reasons, etcetera. Here are some typical ways in which you will hear the word "million" used:

  • Rajneesh made over a million dollars last year.
  • Some of his friends have made millions of dollars in the tech industry.
  • Pedro made about a quarter million dollars over five years of working in the United States. (quarter million = 250,000.)
  • Sandra lives in a million-dollar house. (Notice the use of a hyphen to form the adjective.)
  • There are millions of people who need assistance to pay for their health care.
  • There are a million reasons why you should try to improve your English.
  • Over 40 million people visited the Mall of America last year.
  • A million multiplied by a thousand is a billion.

rich woman She’s worth millions.

She’s a millionaire.

A person whose net worth is a million dollars (after debt and other liabilities are subtracted) is called a millionaire.

  • It’s fairly common for someone to become a millionaire these days.
  • Donald Trump is a millionaire. (But no one knows for sure because he can’t prove it.)
  • Some millionaires donate a lot of money to charities; others don’t make any kind of a donation–ever.

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April 14, 2019