A location is a place.


  • This is a beautiful location.
  • They live in a good location.
  • The company is looking for a new location to do business.
  • We’re moving to a new location.
  • The location of the buried treasure is a secret. It’s in a secret location.
  • That’s a bad location for setting up a cafe.
  • The location doesn’t receive enough foot traffic.
  • The movie is being shot on location. (The setting for the film and the actual place for filming it are the same.)
  • Every real estate agent says the most important thing about buying a house is location, location, location. (This is a popular thing to say when it comes to finding a place to live or do business.)

The word "locate" is a verb.

  • The house is located in a nice neighborhood.
  • The hotel is located near the airport.
  • There’s a gas station located along the highway.
  • Where are you located?
  • Are you located in an area that’s safe?
  • Where is the heart located in a person’s body?
  • Where are the kidneys located?
  • I’m trying to locate a nearby hotel on my phone.
  • This place is very hard to locate.
  • My company is asking me to relocate. (relocate = move to a new location)

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August 20, 2019