To overdo something is to do it too much, too often, or too many times, which could be unhealthy or cause problems. This word is used for exercising, playing, working, and general physical activity. The preposition "it" often follows the word "overdo."

past participle
  • If you start an exercise program, try not to overdo it.
  • If you overdo it, you might hurt yourself.
  • Walter overdid it and hurt himself.
  • Take a break. I think you’re overdoing it.
  • The doctor told Phil he was overdoing it at work which caused a lot of stress which then lead to a heart attack.
  • If you overdo it at work, other employees might think you are trying to make them look bad.
  • Don’t over do it.
  • Christmas decorations can be excessive. Some stores and homes really overdo it.
  • They overdid it on the decorating.
  • The actor’s performance did not fit the role. She really overdid the acting. She overacted.

man working too much

He’s overdoing it at work.

The word "overdone" is often used as an adjective when talking about food that has been cooked for too long:

  • This chicken is overdone.
  • An overdone steak will be dry and hard to chew.
  • Fearing that the turkey would be undercooked, Linda cooked it for another two hours until it was overdone.
  • Better to be overdone than undercooked with it comes to certain types of meat, right?

Note: Don’t confuse "overdo" with "overdue." Both words sound the same. When something is overdue, it’s late.

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August 26, 2019