Use the word "climate" to talk about the average weather conditions of a particular area. Climate is affected by geography, proximity to large bodies or water, height above sea level, and the activities of people. People who talk about climate usually think first about the air temperature, but climate also includes humidity, exposure to the sun, and precipitation.

  • I live in Minnesota. The climate in this part of the world is very extreme. We have hot summers and extremely cold winters.
  • Mexico has a tropical climate. In some areas it rains a lot; in others, it’s dry.
  • Countries close to the equator have a tropical climate.
  • Areas at higher latitudes have cold climates.
  • People move to warmer climates when they get tired of living in a cold climate.
  • What’s the climate like in your part of the world?

climate map

You can also use the word "climate" to talk about the mood or the tone of a particular group of people.

  • The political climate in Hong Kong is unstable right now due to social unrest.
  • A changing political climate in the United States is creating big divisions between Democrats and Republicans.
  • A corporation that creates a favorable climate for innovation and creativity produces exciting new products.

Recently, the word "climate" has taken on a new sense of urgency and concern regarding weather-related events around the planet.

  • A climate denier is a person who refuses to believe that human activity can have an impact on the environment.
  • A climate activist is a person who draws public attention to a rapidly changing environment.
  • A climate refugee is a person who was displaced by climatic events rendering that person’s home uninhabitable.

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December 7, 2019