If something is true, it’s based in fact and it’s authentic. It’s real.

  • George is a true friend.
  • Peter and Regina say they’re true Americans.
  • What is a true American?
  • Wanda’s faith in God is strong. She tells everyone she’s a true believer.
  • Harold supports free-market economics. He’s a true believer in capitalism.
  • Linda and Pat are married. Each of them believes their love is true.
  • Ronald showed his true colors when he marched in a parade in support of the rights of migrant workers.
  • Everyone listened in fascination to a true story about a man who killed a bear with only his hands.

true love

Linda and Pat remain true to each other.

The opposite of true is false.

  • Is that true?
  • Is that true or false?
  • What she’s saying is true.
  • That’s true. It isn’t false.
  • The teacher gave us a test today with many true or false questions.

The word "truly" is an adverb similar to the word "really."

  • This is a truly significant event.
  • That test was truly difficult.
  • We were truly impressed by the artist’s work.
  • Even though Ted argues with his wife a lot, he truly loves her.

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December 14, 2019