If something sags, it hangs down lower than its regular position. Things that sag might feel a weight or some other force placed upon it.

  • The roof is sagging under the weight of a heavy snowfall.
  • The back end of the truck is sagging because it’s carrying a load of rocks.
  • The mattress that Todd sleeps on sags in the middle because its old and he’s kind of heavy.
  • Vanessa’s eyelids are sagging because she’s so tired.
  • The 90-year old woman who lives across the street has saggy arms. (The word "saggy" is an adjective.)
  • Retail sales at some brick-and-mortar stores are sagging because of competition from online retailers.

The word "sag" has recently taken on a slightly newer meaning in reference to fashion. Men who wear their pants very low below the waist are said to be "sagging."

  • Mario’s pants are sagging.
  • The teachers at his school have asked students not to come to school with sagging pants.
  • A man’s underwear is visible when his pants sag.
  • Sagging is popular among people who like to listen to hip hop.

sagging pants

His pants are sagging.

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February 23, 2019