The word "shot" is a noun used when firing a gun, when making an attempt to score in a game, or when receiving a vaccination or medicine from a doctor or nurse.

man shooting gun

  • The hunter took a shot at a deer.
  • He used a 20-gauge shotgun.
  • It was difficult to get a good shot.
  • Several shots were fired from a gun in our neighborhood.
  • The sound of shots fired caught the attention of the police.


  • The basketball player took a shot at the basket.
  • He made the shot.

shooting pool

  • People who shoot pool make shots on the table.
  • That was a good shot!


  • Children don’t like to get shots when they visit the doctor.
  • Many adults also don’t like shots.
  • A shot in the arm can hurt.

Child with slingshot

The word "shot" may also be used as part of a compound word.

  • A slingshot is a type of weapon used for shooting small objects such as rocks or stones.


  • The shot put is a heavy ball that is thrown in a track and field event.


  • A person whose eyes are bloodshot might be sick.
  • His eyes are all bloodshot.

One other way to use the word "shot" is as an adjective. When something is shot, it’s old or worn out and needs to be replaced.

  • The tires on my car are shot. I have to get new tires.
  • The battery for my phone is shot. I have to get a new battery.
  • I worked all night last night. I feel shot.
  • These shoes are shot. It’s time to get a new pair.

Note: The word "shot" is the past tense of shoot.

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February 15, 2019