When something is temporary, it lasts for a short time. It is not permanent. Some temporary situations are predictable while others are not.

  • Gilda broke her leg and can’t go back to work. This is a temporary situation.
  • My muffler has a hole in it. I made a temporary repair that should last until I can get the muffler fixed.
  • This is a temporary fix.
  • Our company is looking for temporary workers to fill a few positions over the summer.
  • Dyed hair is temporary. Eventually, the natural hair color returns.
  • This is just temporary.

The word "temporarily" is an adverb:

  • Hodan is temporarily out of work. She’ll probably find another job soon.
  • This store is temporarily closed. It will reopen after an important repair is made.
  • The flights leaving from the airport are temporarily delayed due to the bad weather.
  • The machine is temporarily out of order.

closed store

The store is temporarily closed.

Sometimes the word "temporary" is shortened to "temp."

  • He’s working for a temp agency. (A temp agency provides temporary workers.)
  • He’s a temp.
  • We hired some temps from a temp agency.
  • She’s no longer a temp. Now she works for the company as a permanent worker.

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February 20, 2019