A person who is childish acts like a child. This adjective can be used for children and adults. (Do you know what an adjective is?)

  • He’s being childish.
  • It’s childish to behave that way.
  • Don’t be so childish. Act your age!
  • That game seems a little too childish for those teenagers.
  • The way that she made her demand was a bit childish.
  • Childish adults do not make good parents.
  • He’s acting in a childish manner.
  • He looks so childish the way he folds his arms.

childish behavior Racing through a grocery store with a shopping cart is childish.

The word "childishly" is an adverb. An adverb modifies a verb.

  • He’s behaving childishly.
  • She childishly refused to answer the question.
  • Adults who settle problems childishly are not good role models for children.

The word "childishness" is a noun.

  • The man is well-known for his childishness.
  • Childishness is not a good personality trait.
  • Please, stop your childishness!
  • Childishness on the job is not a good way to impress coworkers and supervisors.

Note: There is a difference between being childish and being young at heart. An adult who feels young or who looks young is not childish.

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January 19, 2019