A host is a person or a location that provides for the needs of other people or things. There are many different kinds of hosts:

  • The host of a TV show provides entertainment for the audience.
  • The host at a restaurant receives customers and finds them a table. Sometimes, the word "hostess" is used when the host is a woman.
  • The host at a party is the person who arranges for food, comfort, and other forms of hospitality.
  • When you leave a party, make sure that you thank your host.
  • The host for a website is the company that provides space on a server for the website to operate.

The word "host" is often used as a verb:

  • Amazon hosts many websites around the world.
  • I’m looking around for a new company to host my website.
  • This year St. Louis will host the Superbowl.
  • The people who live next door to me are hosting a big party this weekend.
  • Have you ever hosted a party?
  • Wink Martindale was the host for a famous game show on television.

game show host

He’s hosting a game show.

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January 23, 2019