A tile is a type of flat, hard material used for covering surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces. Tile can be made from clay, vinyl, or cement. Tile often appears in many different colors which makes it useful for decorating.

decorative tile

Tile can be found in churches, mosques, and temples. The Greeks and Romans used tiles to cover surfaces because tile is durable and waterproof. Nowadays, tile is commonly used in swimming pools and on buildings that are constantly exposed to water.

Floor tile in a bathroom is often ceramic. Vinyl is another popular material for tile.

  • The floor tile in our bathroom is pink.
pink tile
  • The tile in the shower is gray.
grey tile
  • White grout surrounds the tile.

If you live in the United States, you might be able to find a job as a tile setter.

  • A tile setter is a person who lays down tile.
  • To lay tile is to put the tile on a surface.
  • The tile is laid by a tile setter. (This sentence is in the passive voice.)
  • Tiling a surface requires patience and precision.
  • A tile setter uses a tile cutter when working with tile.

The word "tile" can be used as a count noun or as a noncount noun:

  • The floors and walls are covered with tile. (noncount noun.)
  • How much tile was used in covering the floor? (noncount noun)
  • The tiles are pink and gray. (count noun)
  • How many tiles were used in covering the walls? (count noun)

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January 21, 2019