To appreciate something is to value it. We also use the word "appreciate" when thanking people.

  • Thank-you. I appreciate it.
  • I appreciate your help.
  • Sally appreciates the contributions her children make around the house. (This means that her children help her with the housework.)
  • Joe appreciates his supervisor’s decision to give him some time to visit a dying parent.
  • The people who live in the community appreciate the public art that is on display in the park.

You can also use the word "appreciate" when the monetary value (money) of something increases:

  • Every year the value of Brianna’s house appreciates.
  • Last year the value of the house appreciated by $15,000.
  • Paintings purchased at art auctions are likely to appreciate if they are of high quality and painted by famous artists.

The word "appreciation" is a noun.

  • Vanessa showed her appreciation to her teacher by giving him a gift.
  • Pete’s coworkers expressed their appreciation for his years of service by throwing him a going-away party.
  • Letters of appreciation were sent out to everyone who contributed their time to help military veterans at the hospital.
  • Let’s show our appreciation with a round of applause. (This is a request commonly made by the host at a public gathering.)

clapping hands The audience showed it’s appreciation of the performance by clapping.

The word "appreciative" is an adjective:

  • I’m very appreciative of your help.
  • An appreciative audience claps at the end of the performance.

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July 1, 2019