A badge is a type of emblem or patch or form of identification that is worn outside of a person’s clothing to indicate rank or achievement.

police officers

Police officers wear badges so that citizens know they are properly authorized to serve the public.

Soldiers in the military wear badges that show their rank. (rank = level of position)

boy scouts

Children who participate in scouting organizations receive badges that recognize their personal accomplishments.


Some people collect badges as a matter of personal interest in the artistry and design of the badge itself.

(Badges may also be called "patches," depending on the purpose of the badge. )

Here are some examples of how the word "badge" might be used in a sentence or question:

  • When Rhonda became a police officer, she received a badge.
  • The police officer who abused his position was forced to turn in his badge.
  • Is he wearing a badge?
  • Can I see your badge? (This question is asked by a citizen of a police officer.)
  • FBI agents don’t wear badges, but they carry one in their wallet to prove who they work for.

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July 2, 2019