A deck is a raised platform on which people can relax when sitting outside of a house or sailing on a boat.


Homeowners buy furniture for their decks. This deck has an umbrella and chairs.

deck on a ship

A ship has a deck that allows passengers to stand and look out over the ocean.

exercising on the deck

Passengers who get up early can exercise on the ship’s deck.

deck cards

Playing cards come in the form of a deck. There are 52 cards in a deck.

Here are some expressions that include the word "deck."

  • Who’s on deck? (Who’s next?)
  • All hands on deck. (Everyone in the organization needs to be available for some type of action.)
  • He’s not dealing with a full deck. (He is mentally unstable.)
  • The deck is stacked in his favor. (He has advantages in his situation.)
  • Hit the deck! (Get down on the floor! There’s a dangerous situation nearby.)

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July 7, 2019