A flake is a light and flattened thing that is produced naturally or artificially. Flakes come in different forms.

A cornflake is made from corn and is usually eaten for breakfast.

corn flakecorn flake


I had a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast this morning.

bowl of corn flakesa bowl of corn flakes


When snow falls during cold weather, the snow is in the form of a snowflake.

snowflakes snowflakes


When old paint peels off of the side of a building, it’s in in the form of a flake. The paint on this building is flaking off.

flaking paint flaking paint

When the word "flaky" is used as an adjective, this description can be good or bad.

A cake can be flaky. A flaky cake is not too dense or hard. Instead, it’s light and airy. This is a good thing.

cake light and flaky cake


A person can be flaky, but this is not a compliment. A flaky person is someone whose behavior is unusual, and that person might also be likely to lack commitment to certain goals or be forgetful of commitments.

flaky man He’s kind of a flake.

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July 10, 2019