A lamp produces light for the purpose of lighting or illuminating dark paces. Lamps can be categorized as devices, fixtures, tools, or furniture. There are many different kinds of lamps:

  • A table lamp is commonly found in living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and other areas of a house.
  • Small table lamps are placed on small tables in living rooms and bedrooms.
table lamp
  • Lamp shades help diffuse and soften the harsh, bright light created by a lamp’s light bulb.
lamp shade
  • Street lamps provide light to outside areas in cities.
street lamp
  • A street lamp sits atop a lamp post that is high enough to spread light out over a wide area.
lamp post
  • A floor lamps rests on the floor and is usually placed near chairs and couches for the purpose of providing light for reading.
floor lamp
  • A desk lamp provides light to a person who is working at a desk.
desk lamp
  • A heat lamp creates heat for spaces that are cold.
heat lamp
  • A lantern is a type of portable lamp that can be used when people are camping or located in remote areas.
  • In the Arabic folktale, Aladdin, a magic genie grants wishes to whomever releases him from the lamp.
genie from a lamp
  • "Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” said the Statue of Liberty.
statue of liberty

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July 20, 2019