When an image cannot be seen clearly, you can use the word "blur."

past participle
  • The face of the child in the picture was blurred to protect her identity.
  • Memories of days long past seem to blur together.
  • A quick movement will blur a photo taken by a camera.

The word "blur" can be a noun.

  • Things that happened to me when I was four years old are a blur.
  • When we added all the colors together on the palette it created a muddy blur.
  • Harold doesn’t remember much of what happened last night. "It’s all a blur," he said.

The word "blurry" is an adjective. The opposite of "blurry" is "sharp."

  • Everything looks blurry without my glasses.
  • This picture is blurry.
  • If you move your arm while taking a picture, it will turn out blurry.
  • I had to throw away some photos because they were too blurry.

blurry picture

Some parts of this picture are blurry.

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June 3, 2019