Do you know how to play chess? Many people around the world know how to play it. Chess is an interesting game that requires a knowledge of the pieces, how they move, and how to create a strategy for defeating an opponent.

  • Chess is played on a chessboard.
  • There are 64 spaces on a chessboard.
  • Chess is played between two people.
  • The queen is the most powerful piece in chess.
  • The king is not very powerful, but if the king is "captured" the chess game is over. (See note below.)
  • A chess game is also called a chess match.

chess They’re playing chess.

If you are really interested in learning a few things about chess, I made this lesson so that you can learn about the names of the pieces and how they move.


Note: The term used for the loss of a king is "checkmate." The king is not really captured or taken. Instead the king is in a position where he is under threat from other pieces and can’t move to a position of safety.

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June 26, 2019