The word "police" is a plural noun used to refer to local authorities who are responsible for law enforcement. Here are some examples of how the word "police" might be used:

  • We need to call the police.
  • Someone should call the police.
  • When the police arrived, they arrested a person who was causing a disturbance.
  • The police in our area do a good job of enforcing the law.
  • My friend, Armando, is a police officer.
  • Police officers drive around in squad cars

squad He’s riding in a squad car.

  • A police officer wears a uniform.
  • Police in the United States carry guns.
  • Nowadays, many police officers wear body cameras in order to record their encounters with the public.
  • Most police officers–the vast majority of them–are not corrupt.
  • Don’t try to bribe a police officer. (bribe = a gift of money in exchange for favorable treatment)

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June 28, 2019