To attend something is to go to a place and participate in or watch an activity. Here are some examples:

  • We’re going to attend a concert tonight.
  • Oscar attended a funeral for a friend of his.
  • Maria has attended several weddings this year.
  • If you don’t attend class, the teacher won’t keep your name on the roster.
  • Joseph tries to attend conferences that are related to his work as a doctor.
  • Jennifer has a meeting to attend this morning.

The word "attendance" is a noun.

  • Students with poor attendance usually don’t do well in school.
  • It’s important to have good attendance.
  • Victoria has perfect attendance so far this year. (She hasn’t missed any classes.)
  • How’s your attendance record?
  • Attendance at company meetings is mandatory.
  • Attendance at our local movie theater dropped so much that it was forced to close.
  • The play that opened last month is so popular that it has broken all attendance records.

An attendant is a person who provides service:

flight attendant She’s a flight attendant.

  • When you travel by plane, a flight attendant will bring you something to eat or drink.
  • A gas station attendant monitors customer activity at gas pumps.
  • Bathroom attendants make sure the public bathrooms are always clean.
  • A locker room attendant works at a country club and makes sure that members’ needs are taken care of.

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March 26, 2019