A cake is a type of desert that is made with flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. It’s usually baked and topped with a sugary frosting.

There are many different kinds of cakes. Here are some examples:

  • A birthday cake is served during a birthday celebration.
  • People eat slices of cake from a wedding cake at a wedding.
  • A fruit cake contains dried fruit, and it is very heavy.
  • A carrot cake is made partially with carrots.
  • Chocolate cake has a chocolate flavored sponge and chocolate frosting. (The sponge is the inside of the cake.)
  • An ice cream cake is made almost entirely from ice cream.
  • People eat pancakes with syrup for breakfast.

chocolate cake

The word "cake" can be used as a verb when there is a thick layer of material that builds up on a surface. (build up = increase in thickness)

  • Andrea’s eye lashes were caked with mascara.
  • The face of the clown was caked with white make up.
  • Mud cakes on to the tires and the wheel wells of a car when driving through a wet field.
  • My shoes were caked with mud following a hiking trip.

There are some expressions that include the word "cake."

  • That takes the cake. (That is a bad situation.)
  • This is a piece of cake. (This is easy.)
  • You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. (You can’t have everything that you want.)
  • He’s a fruitcake. (I doubt his mental stability or his judgment.)
  • This is the frosting on the cake. (This is the best part of a good situation.)
  • These are selling like hot cakes. (These things are selling very fast.)

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March 3, 2019