A toll is a type of tax paid for transit or some other public service.

  • Upon entering the state of Illinois from Wisconsin, motorists have to pay a toll.
  • Tolls are collected to help pay for the construction and maintenance of highways.
  • The cost of an average toll is one to two dollars.
  • The person who collects the tolls is called a toll booth operator.
  • People don’t like to pay tolls, but they are necessary user fees for the use of the highways.
  • A toll bridge requires people who cross over the bridge to pay a toll.
  • During the days when pay phones were in use, tolls were paid by people who used phone booths.
  • Toll-free calls can be made by using an 800-number.
  • Many business have toll-free numbers. (The company pays for the cost of the phone call.)


The toll way charges a small fee to motorists.

Another type of a toll is the affect that an experience has on a person or a thing. Difficult experiences take a toll.

  • Stress from Renata’s job has taken a toll on her.
  • Premature aging is the toll paid by people who have stressful jobs.
  • Years and years of working as a police officer has taken a toll on Officer Pete.
  • Raising five children without a supportive husband took an emotional toll on my friend, Graciella.
  • Climate change is taking a toll on many industries that rely on colder weather for snow.
  • Pollution from cars and power plants takes a toll on people who breathe in the toxic emissions.
  • People need to realize that the use of plastic is taking a toll on the environment as waste accumulates in the oceans.

old house in the middlw of water

Climate change is taking a toll on structures

around the world.

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March 24, 2019