To discover something is to find it. A person can discover things, people, places, ideas, interests, solutions, or methods. The word "discovery" is a noun.

  • I discovered a new way to teach English to my students. I made a discovery.
  • Jeremy discovered that he has an interest in astronomy. He made this discovery just last year.
  • Julie has discovered that she’s good at playing basketball. This was a surprising discovery for her.
  • Is there anything that you have discovered about yourself recently?
  • On a recent visit to St. Paul, we discovered a great place to get good pizza.
  • My neighbor discovered a nest full of baby rabbits in his backyard.
  • Max Kepler, a baseball player for the Minnesota Twins, discovered that he had an interest in playing baseball while growing up in Germany. Talent scouts discovered him and offered him an opportunity to play baseball in the United States.
  • Scientists have discovered that there’s a large amount of water in the form of ice on Mars.
  • Albert Einstein discovered important principles about energy that lead to the creation of atomic power. His discoveries made a huge contribution to the area of physics.
  • Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe extends far beyond the Milky Way galaxy.
  • New discoveries in science and technology bring changes to the way we live our lives every day.

boy in library

You can discover new interests by visiting a library.

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May 25, 2019