Glue is a sticky substance that is used for putting things together, repairing things, and making things. Glue holds things together.

  • Children use glue for putting together art projects.
  • Carpenters use glue to join pieces of wood together.
  • Rubber cement is a type of glue.
  • Super glue is useful for repairing things that are ceramic or glass.
  • Glue needs to dry after it is applied.

The word "glue" can also be used as a verb:

past participle
  • Cindy glued two pieces of paper together.
  • When the lamp broke, Peter glued it back together.
  • After something is glued together, you have to let it dry.
  • Should I glue these pieces of wood together or would it be better to use screws?


He’s gluing something together.

We often use the word "glue" figuratively in these popular expressions:

  • Those two stick together like glue. (They are very close and have a good relationship.)
  • Those kids are glued to the TV. (Their attention is focused entirely on the television program.)
  • Sandra is glued to her desk. (She’s so busy, so can’t leave her desk.)

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May 13, 2019