Use the word "lesson" as a noun when talking about learning experiences that are part of a formal education. Here are some examples:

  • The teacher prepared a lesson for the students.
  • Vanessa took notes during the lesson.
  • What did she learn from the lesson?
  • What did you learn from your English lesson?
  • Do you pay attention during a lesson?
  • There are hundreds of lessons on this website.
  • It’s easier to learn how to play a musical instrument if you take lessons.
  • Children who take piano lessons learn how to play the piano.
  • Tom has been taking guitar lessons because he wants to play in a rock band.

man taking guitar lessons

The word "lesson" is also used for any kind of experience that’s not part of school but from which a person has gained knowledge:

  • Driving too fast and then getting a ticket for speeding taught Dan a lesson.
  • That was a hard lesson to learn.
  • Lesson learned!
  • Before the man spanked his son he said he was going to teach him a lesson.
  • What kind of a lesson is learned when a person is punished?
  • Lessons learned in life are valuable.
  • That was a valuable lesson.
  • When will I ever learn my lesson? (This is a type of expression. It means that a person does something wrong without thinking about how past similar experiences were negative.)

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May 18, 2019