The word "soggy" is an adjective you can use when something gets really, really wet. If something is completely saturated with water or some other type of liquid, it is soggy.

  • The ground is soggy after a long night of rain.
  • My clothes felt heavy and soggy as I rode my bike through heavy rain.
  • My clothes were sogging wet. (The word "sogging" is another adjective usually appears before the word "wet.")
  • Everything got sogging wet from the storm.
  • Breakfast cereal gets all soggy if you leave it in milk for too long.
  • Most people don’t like soggy cereal.
  • Andrew dropped his cookie in his milk and it got all soggy.
  • Soggy food is not appetizing.
  • These spaghetti noodles are too soggy.
  • Too much pizza sauce on a pizza can make the crust soggy.

soggy clothes

Her clothes and her hair are all soggy.

She got completely soaked!

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May 20, 2019