When the word "tune" is used as a verb, it refers to an adjustment or a change that is made to a musical instrument, a machine, or some other thing.

  • A guitarist tunes a guitar so that the strings sound good together when they are played.
  • A piano needs to be tuned because it goes out of tune over time.
  • A mechanic tunes a car.
  • A manager can fine tune an organization so that it runs properly.
  • People who use a radio to listen to music tune in a radio station by turning a knob.
  • Television viewers tune in on television programs by finding the time and place when they are broadcast.

When the word "tune" is used as a noun, it refers to music or an adjustment.

  • We listened to some tunes on the radio.
  • The band played some old tunes.
  • That’s a great old tune.
  • My car needs a tune up. (You can use "tune up" or "tune" when talking about a car.)
  • A tune up involves adjustments to spark plugs, the replacement of filters, and an oil change.

tune up

They’re giving this car a tune up.

The phrase "in tune" means that a good relationship exists between or among things or people.

  • Marion feels in tune with nature.
  • Bob believes he’s in tune with his employees.
  • Political candidates try to stay in tune with voters.
  • A guitar that’s not in tune is out of tune.
  • When a musical instrument is out of tune, it has to be put back in tune in order for a person to play it.

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May 28, 2019