Blue is a color. Blue generally represents peace and tranquility, but sometimes the color blue is used to represent sadness or depression.

  • The sky and large bodies of water look blue when there isn’t a lot of cloud cover.
blue water and sky
  • Blue is a very popular color for a man’s suit.
  • He’s wearing a blue suit.
man wearing a blue suit
  • The American flag is red, white, and blue.

The color blue is a primary color (as are yellow and red) that can be used to make other colors.

  • Blue and red make purple.
 + = 
  • Blue and yellow make green.
 + =  

There are some expressions that include the word "blue."

  • A person who feels blue feels sad. sad
  • Anything that happens once in a blue moon happens very infrequently. (It doesn’t happen very often.)

blue moon

  • A person beaten black and blue has bruises all over his or her body.
  • A situation that comes out of the blue is unexpected.
  • A person who talks a blue streak talks very fast.
  • Men in blue are police officers.
  • A person who remains true blue is faithful and loyal.

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November 5, 2019