If something is genuine, it’s real. It’s not fake. This is a good word to use when there might be some doubt about how real a thing or a person is.

  • The diamonds in the necklace are genuine.
  • These shoes are made with genuine leather.
  • How do I know this gold necklace is genuine?
  • The woman’s anger was genuine. She was really mad!
  • If you have a genuine complaint about a product you purchased, you can return it to the store to get your money back.
  • The students are making genuine progress as indicated by their test scores.
  • Rodney is a genuine friend who never lets anyone down.
  • He’s the genuine article. (This is kind of an expression. A person who is "the genuine article" is really who he or she tries to be.)
  • I take my Toyota to a Toyota dealer for repairs because I know they use genuine Toyota parts.
  • Replacement parts for a machine might cause problems if they aren’t genuine.
  • How can you tell if something is genuine?

The word "genuinely" is an adverb:

  • William is genuinely concerned about his brother’s health.
  • Some children genuinely believe in things that aren’t real.
  • I’m genuinely confused by the these so-called "simple" directions.
  • People are genuinely curious to know more about their place in the universe.

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November 21, 2019