A person who boasts talks about his or her accomplishments or skills. This is usually a negative form of behavior. The word "boast" is similar to the word "brag."

  • Jason always boasts about himself.
  • He boasts about how good he is at sports.
  • His friends get tired of his boasting.
  • He’s very boastful of his accomplishments. (The word "boastful" is an adjective.)
  • Jessica boasts about her success in school.
  • She’s always boasting about her accomplishments.
  • She spoke boastfully about how well she did on a recent test. (The word "boastfully" is an adverb.)
  • Her friends are sick of her boasting.
  • Rachel and Tim boast about their children all the time.
  • Their friends wish they would stop their boasting.
  • People actually leave the room when they start to boast about one or more of their children.
  • Boastful parents are boring and hard to listen to.
  • Do you boast about anything?
  • What do you have to boast about?
  • It’s okay to boast a little bit.
  • No one wants to listen to you if you boast too much.
  • Please, stop boasting!


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October 3, 2019