A curtain is used to provide privacy, protect, hide, or beautify a place in a home or business. You can find curtains in many different places.

  • Curtains are commonly found in homes. They’re decorative and they provide privacy.
window with curtains
  • A shower curtain provides privacy and keeps the water from falling onto the floor of the bathroom.
shower curtain
  • A stage usually has a curtain. The curtain is pulled back when performers perform.
stage curtain
  • A curtain can be used as a backdrop for a person who makes a speech or gives a presentation.
curtain woman
  • There are curtains in offices.
curtains old
  • Blinds can be used in place of curtains to cover a window.

Notice that there are two ways to pronounce this word. Some people pronounce the second syllable with a short "i" sound: curtain; most people pronounce the second syllable as a schwa sound: curtain (curt’n). This is usually how I pronounce the word: curt‘n.

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October 5, 2019