To discuss something is to talk about it with another person. The word "discuss" is a verb.

  • We have something important to discuss.
  • Let’s discuss this.
  • The teacher asked the students to discuss the questions she gave to them.
  • The students discussed the story amongst themselves.
  • You should discuss that matter with your doctor.
  • We need to discuss this before making a decision.
  • Is this something that I need to discuss with a lawyer?
  • Members of the U.S. Congress are discussing matters of national importance today behind closed doors. (They are talking in private.)
  • Linda and Tom are discussing a report that shows third quarter results for their company.

two people talking Linda and Tom

The word "discussion" is a noun:

  • Let’s have a discussion.
  • We had a good discussion.
  • That was a very interesting discussion.
  • The teacher gave the students some discussion questions for a story they read in class.
  • Two people got into a heated discussion about a political matter.
  • Discussions involving personal matters can be very uncomfortable.
  • The doctor had an uncomfortable discussion with her patient.
  • There has been a public discussion recently on the issue of gun control.
  • Whether or not to impeach the President has been a topic of discussion in recent weeks.
  • Many private discussions are being held today among Republicans who don’t know what to do about the President.

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October 8, 2019