Enthusiasm is a good feeling of excitement for an activity or a situation.

  • The students showed a lot of enthusiasm when working on their project.
  • Their enthusiasm was showing. (The verb "show" is often used with "enthusiasm.")
  • Their enthusiasm was contagious. (Others felt the excitement.)
  • Do you feel the enthusiasm?
  • Try to show some enthusiasm!
  • Enthusiasm among the employees is lacking.
  • They lack enthusiasm for their jobs. (lack = don’t have)


She shows a lot of enthusiasm on stage.

The word "enthusiastic" is an adjective:

  • Roger is enthusiastic about his new job.
  • Enthusiastic workers generally succeed and get promoted within a company.
  • The response to the team’s win was enthusiastic.
  • Are you an enthusiastic student?
  • It’s hard to feel enthusiastic for something that’s boring.

The word "enthusiastically" is an adverb:

  • The public enthusiastically support the new plan.
  • Consumers responded enthusiastically to the new iPhone.
  • The students enthusiastically welcomed their new teacher to the school.

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October 10, 2019