The word "hallow" means holy or saint. This is an old word that is used during solemn, serious occasions when talking about things that are sacred or holy. The most common form of this word is as an adjective, "hallowed."

  • A burial site for Native Americans is considered to be hallowed ground.
  • The word Halloween is a contracted form of "All Hallows Eve."
  • The Lord’s Prayer, a Christian prayer, begins with "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy* name."
  • The place where the Twin Towers fell on 9-11 in New York is hallowed ground upon which memorials have been built.
  • A church, mosque, or temple is a hallowed location where people can find sanctuary.
  • A cemetery is hallowed ground.


This is a cemetery.

Note: The word "thy" is a very old form of the possessive adjective "your." The word "art" is an old form of the verb "be."

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October 31, 2019