The word "industry" can be used for most types of businesses that produce a service, a product, or technology.

  • People who build or sell cars work in the auto industry.
  • People who build houses and buildings work in the construction industry.
  • Those who extract, refine, or transport petroleum work in the oil industry.
  • Farmers are an important part of the agriculture industry.
  • The computer industry has a very large impact on the way that we live our daily lives.
computer guy
  • As a teacher, I work in the field of education.
  • People who work in the education industry provide teaching materials and services to educators around the world.
  • In which industry do you work?

There are many ways to change the word "industry" when talking about work and manufacturing.

  • A person who works very hard is said to be industrious.
  • An industrialist is a person who manages or leads an important form of manufacturing on a very large scale.
  • Industrial strength products are made in factories.
  • The industrial revolution that started in Europe and the United States led to new methods of manufacturing on a very large scale.
  • Many developing countries around the world are becoming more industrialized, whereas they used to rely on agriculture or tourism as their main industry.
  • Industrialized countries like the United States and China emit a large portion of the world’s carbon dioxide as a result of manufacturing.

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October 24, 2019