To draw something is to create an image using pencils, crayons, chalk, or any device that makes an impression. Drawing can be an artistic exercise, or it can have very practical applications when a person tries to communicate ideas:

simplepastpast participle

a child' picture

  • Children like to draw pictures of themselves and their family members
  • Do you like to draw?
  • Sara drew a picture. (This sentence is in the past tense.)
  • Joseph keeps all of the pictures that his daughter has drawn.


  • He’s drawing something with a pencil.
  • He’s uses a sketch pad for his drawings. (The word "drawing" is a noun. A drawing is a picture.)
  • Artists who are good at drawing pictures can sell their work.
  • Architects draw plans for buildings.
  • Plans are drawn up when people have ideas that they want to act on.

Sometimes the words "draw" or "withdraw" are used when a person takes money out from a bank.

  • You can draw money from a bank. (draw = take out)
  • We need to withdraw some money.
  • They withdrew money from their savings account. (This sentence is in the past tense.)
  • Joe drew money from one account to put it in another account.

You can also use "draw" when a person takes a gun out from a holster or a pocket and aims it.

  • It’s not safe to draw a gun on another person.
  • He drew his gun and fired it.
  • The police drew their guns on an armed suspect.
  • If you draw a weapon on someone, you might get shot in response.

man with gun

To "draw down" or "withdraw" is also to leave a place:

  • The U.S. military draws down troops when it ends a military action.
  • The troops withdraw.
  • The United States President says he wants to withdraw from Afghanistan. He’s going to draw down the troops.

As a noun, a draw is a game that results in an even score.


  • The match came to a draw with a score of two to two.
  • No one won. It was a draw.
  • The game resulted in a draw.

Here are a few more ways in which the word "draw" is heard:

  • Living along the ocean is nice, but it has some drawbacks, particularly hurricanes. (drawback = something negative)
  • When choosing a person at random, you can draw names from a hat. (draw names = choose people by chance)
  • A line drawn in the sand is a limit or a threat. If the line is crossed, some sort of forceful action might be taken.

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September 5, 2019