A person who has extra time or money to spare on recreation may enjoy leisure time.

  • How much leisure time do you have?
  • What forms of leisure interest you most?
  • Golf is a sport played by people who have enough leisure time and enough money to afford it.
  • Sailing is an expensive sport that’s available to persons of leisure.
  • People who are very rich can lead a life of leisure.
  • It would be nice to lead a life of leisure and not have to work.
  • Leisure activities can help reduce stress.





Sometimes the word "leisure" is used when referring only to available time or extra time:

  • You may do this at your leisure.
  • He’s completing the assignment at his leisure.
  • She’s fortunate to have the leisure of time before making a decision.

The word "leisurely" is an adjective or an adverb.

  • They spent a leisurely afternoon in the downtown shopping district.
  • You can reduce your stress by living life at a leisurely pace.
  • The couple walked leisurely along the banks of the Chicago River.

Leisure suits were popular among men and boys in the 1970s:

leisure suits

  • He’s wearing a gold leisure suit.
  • His leisure suit is almost one hundred percent polyester.
  • I once owned a baby blue leisure suit.
  • With a leisure suit, ties were optional. (It wasn’t necessary to wear a neck tie when wearing a leisure suit.)

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September 13, 2019