Sand is a type of natural material found throughout the world in soil beneath our feet, on beaches that line the coastal areas, and underneath the water of oceans and lakes.

kids on a beach

When people go to the beach, there’s usually plenty of sand. The children in the picture above are playing on a sandy beach. (The word "sandy" is an adjective.)

  • Children like to use sand for making sand castles.

sand castle

sand castle

  • Sandals are worn at the beach to protect one’s feet from the hot sand.
  • If children aren’t at the beach, they can find sand to play with in in a sandbox.
  • Sand is also found in deserts around the world. Wind whips the sand to form large sand dunes.
  • Golfers find sand at golf courses.
  • He’s hitting his ball out of a sand trap.
  • Sand is one part of cement, which is used for building things.
  • Sand paper is used for making surfaces smooth.
  • Bags are filled with sand to make sandbags. Sandbags help to hold back rising water from oceans and rivers.
  • Soldiers use sandbags as a form of protection during combat.
  • An hourglass is filled with sand. Time’s up when all the sand falls from one half of the hourglass to the other.
hour glass
  • The sandman is a mythical being who helps people go to sleep at night by spreading magical sand on their eyes.

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September 24, 2019