To tuck something is to put it in or under something else. This word is often used with the preposition "in."

  • Children like it when their parents tuck them in at night before they go to sleep.
  • Bobby can’t go to sleep unless his mother tucks him in.
  • When wearing a suit, a man should make sure his shirt is tucked in.
  • It’s fashionable nowadays to leave your shirt untucked (for a man), but sometimes it just looks sloppy.
  • "Tuck in your shirt!" said the teacher to the student.*
  • A turtle tucks its head and legs under its shell when it senses danger.
  • A duck tucks its head beneath its wings when it is sleeping.
  • When making a bed, the sheets might be tucked in under the mattress.
  • Boxes have flaps that are tucked in in order to keep the food fresh.
  • A cabin can be tucked away in a part of a forest that few people ever visit.
  • Tucked away inside a cave you might find bats and other animals.

cat tucked in

He’s tucked in beneath a blanket.

Note: In the United States, at schools with a uniform policy, a teacher may tell a student to tuck in his shirt, but most schools are casual when it comes to clothing. A parent, however, will tell a child to tuck in his shirt if he is to be dressed for a formal occassion.)

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September 27, 2019